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With gender parity being a century away, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Gender Report, and the UN reporting women have been the hardest hit by COVID, there has never been a more important time to get inspired and motivated to be bold and come together for change.



Be Bold Now 2022

Each year, Be Bold Now, a 501(c)3 not for profit hosts an annual celebratory event for International Women’s Day. This celebratory event features influential speakers who share our philosophy to inspire, empower and support each other to take bold pragmatic action to accelerate equality. You will hear how together we can help embolden all women and our allies to advance and unleash their limitless potential to fulfill their dreams. 

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Watch The Recap

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Bold Girls


 Have you ever been inspired by a woman and wished you could be like her? Have you ever identified with a story about another girl struggling and wished you could do something to help? Do you want to activate your girl power to make a difference and share your story to inspire others?

If yes, WE NEED YOU.

Join us in a forum with other young women like you.

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What's Next

The Future of Be Bold Now

WE'RE EXPANDING - Coming to cities near you! In 2023 we are looking to launch regional and national chapters for Be Bold Now.  We have already found partners to lead Atlanta and London, UK! If you are interested to launch a local chapter near you then shoot us an email. 

BBOLDR CIRCLES - In the fall, we are launching a series of coaching cohorts for women who are interested in wanting to become social entrepreneurs, the influencers and changemakers who want to make a difference and are looking for guidance and support to bring their ideas to reality.

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Bold Stories

When women and their allies share their stories, it is empowering. Shared stories are a catalyst to build community and realizing that others share your feelings and experiences. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Hear stories of ordinary women doing extraordinary things, or submit your own! 


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